Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Soap on Etsy

Hi all!
Again, apologies on being so remiss about this blogging thing...bear with me...I have been busy adding to my line-up on etsy (check it out to the left) along with opening two other "stores" all takes work and lots of time!

a deliciously fresh picked apple scent with skin softening oatmeal

I have also been working on some new recipes and new looks for some of my older recipes...a change is always good!
Harvest Apple Crisp is scented similar to Bath & Body Works Country Apple...I just love that scent and searched high and low for a fragrance similar to it and here it is! It smells so crisp and not too sweet...I just love it! The ""floating" oatmeal (which is a great skin softener) gives it a snappy visual appeal.

chai tea with cocoa added
makes good stuff...smell!

rooibus tea in a sweet smelling mauve


A unique "tea collection" of soaps. Each are in an all natural soap base and all contain tea which is rich in anti-oxidants and therefore, very good to your skin. The chai contains unsweetened cocoa which is rich with these as well. The tea leaves add a slight exfoliating action to the soap. Each of them are different in their own way and are scented differently. I have a green Matcha Tea Treat which contains green tea and a White Tea Ginger which contain delicate white tea leaves. Check out the links to etsy.

exfoliating poppy seeds in an intense sweet lemon slice of heaven

I also brought back a former bar that I had discontinued...but I was missing it so much that I couldn't resist having it make a come back. I love poppy seed muffins (but alas...they are fattening...) so this is the non-fattening version that can give you all the sensory scent pleasures without all the calories! The poppy seeds add the exfoliating feature to rid the skin of dry, dead skin cells. It is scented with a shortbread scent accented with three very lemon-y essential oils of litsea cubeba, lemon verbena and lemon. That's a lot of lemon in one place, for those of you who love lemon. Lemon, any citrus for that matter, is great for eliminating odors. So this makes a good deodorant shower bar or a great kitchen bar to aid in eliminating onion, garlic or fish from the hands. Either way, a pure delight to experience!

Check out the rest of my creations at ....some old some new. "Talk" to you blessed!


  1. Great post! I love your descriptions and the soapy pictures are yummy! Keep up the good blogging!

  2. They all look so good! you also take great pics and I will pray for you to get lots and lots of sales!