Monday, February 11, 2013

Thursday, September 23, 2010

FALL: A Season of Change!

Fall is fast approaching...the leaves will start turning, fall & crunch like crispy crackers under our feet. And the aroma! Of a tree settling in for its long-deserved rest...I love the smell of leaves, apples and pumpkin pie. And me, it is time to bring the bread maker out - yup, enjoy the fresh warm bread and sip the apple cider. Yum!

So, change is always inevitable. Some is good, some is bad and some is neither "here nor there" but necessary. For those who follow along in my etsy shop, I will be bringing some changes in the very near future. I will be down-sizing - the size of the bars and the prices! I really would like all who want to "spoil" themselves to be able to do so without "hurting"...let's just call it my way of helping you get a little enjoyment in life!

There will some new things too! Keep posted!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

AND you have it!

Wasn't it just me...?...who a few weeks ago said I was gonna get better at this blogging thing? and lookee-lookee! a whole month went somewhere never to return! What's up with THAT !?!?

Happy December everyone! Welcome to the end of the whole year...and I sincerely hope every one of you is in a better place than you were in the beginning of the year...spiritually, physically and in positive understanding of where you are generally heading and/or want to head in the upcoming year. Yes, things have been rough for some, myself included, but the silver lining is still there...and God is good, ALL THE TIME...regardless!

I do have a lot of new listings in my shop.
I will share only a
few so as not to totally bore you! I love stained glass windows...I have made a soapie version of that idea...very basic and nothing like a REAL stained glass window...but that's what it reminds me of. Don't you love looking through those windows...they are all dark until the light shines through them...kind of what our lives are like until the real LIGHT shines through...

I have provided a way to sample a few different "flavors" without having to take a loan out...

There are 10 samples in each bag. The samples w
ill vary from bag to bag and will not necessarily contain what is in the shop because I make over 100 different soaps. The little amounts of soap left over from pouring a loaf are what make up these mint-sized little goodies. These little guys are great for use in a guest bathroom!

Then there are the holiday cuties....snowflakes, gingermen, visions of sugar plums and trees!

There are other neat things in the shop and there is currently a special of BUY ONE GET ONE FREE and FREE SHIPPING! Don't know for how long...but check it out, if you are looking for a different kind of gift, stocking stuffer, gift for teachers, bosses, etc. or maybe just because you want to pamper YOURSELF! (You do deserve it sometime!)

Going to check out myself right now...and hope the next time we "meet" will not be too long from now!

Remember to make one purpose of your life be - to make a difference in someone else's life...that can start today. Give the gift of your smile and help bring some light into someone else's darkness!
Be blessed!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh bother!!!!

Said quote, I believe comes from the famous bear of Poohland. Today I will blog without batteries in the would think with a husband as a professional photographer that this could never happen...alas! I still haven't downloaded the photos from an Atlanta trip in February (the ones below came from my daughter's camera...which I like better than mine anyways...)

So...still doing lots of craft fairs...harvest bazaars, etc, etc, etc. Oh...and ETC. I try to do one at least every weekend and sometimes do even two. This is the busy season coming up...and I am having lots of practice prepping for it! [Yes...I am a BIG fan of ... (dot dot dot)] My wonderful husband has faithfully chaufeured me around to these events and helped me set up. One Saturday it was raining buckets and he went home to change three times from getting drenched helping me set up ( was an outside event). I am a proud owner of a 10x10 EZ up and learn (my market umbrella did NOT cut it that time!)

Oh yes...I had a couple weeks of Eeyore days when a bad shoulder froze up and became a full acute case of bursitis, tendonitis or some kind of itis...had to suffer for a few days waiting to get in to see an orthopedic doc to get a cortisone shot. I am much better now and can move as much as usual...though some days that's not much!

Just wanted to let you all know out there in blog land that all is well...and yes, all of the soap boxes. etc are STILL SITTING IN MY LIVING ROOM...waiting...ever so patiently waiting...for the next craft show event! Some things never change!

However, I am really glad - that my Heavenly Father NEVER changes! Although I am glad His mercies are new every morning! How 'bout you?

Be blessed...til next time...and do good!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The leaves are starting to turn here in good ole New favorite time of year! I love the smell of the crisp air, ripe apples, pumpkin pie! I realize apples are available year round but there is something special about going to the apple orchard in the fall and having the air "ripe" with the smell of apples!

And yes...I COULD make a pumpkin pie anytime...but I reserve it for this special time of the keep it special! (So don't rain on my parade!) Add to that...scuffling through the leaves like I did when I was a kid and sitting on my deck enjoying an aromatic fire... a season to be enjoyed. I just have to concentrate on its joys without anticipating the leafless trees and the cold, cold weather to come. However, I DO enjoy sweaters!

There are some soaps which will add to the fall season nicely...for instance, what fall is complete without cranberry? This contains cranberry juice with all its vitamin C skin tightening properites and the seeds act as an exfolliant.

And who doesn't enjoy all the myriad of breads that we make during this season? The fragrance of baked goods that comes from the oven warm the "cockles" of our hearts! And wouldn't you know it...the smell of banana nut bread CAN be enjoyed while showering!

Banana Nut Bonanza

And with that ...a delicious "fresh-brewed cup" of orange hazelnut coffee and cream....of course!

Hazelnut Coffee & Cream

For those cold days when you want to think "warm"...try one of the newly created "drink" soap far, there is a Cocoanutty Cocoa which is a coconut "flavored" cocoa which comes complete with cute miniature marshmallows...who has cocoa without them? A Holiday Cheer apple cider punch with ice cubes and a cinnamon stick...told ya I love apples! Or...guess what? a Rootbeer Float...smells like the real thing and is appropriately topped with a scoop of vanilla scented "ice cream"...and don't forget the straw!

Or you can just relax with a good book in front of a fire...or maybe you are one of the lucky ones with an all seasons room or a skylight where you can just look to the skies and ponder the vastness of the stars...and the goodness of our Creator. That in itself...could take quite a while.....

Vanilla Dreams

And don't forget vanilla - Vanilla Dreams - a wonderfully homey scent married with lavender..the things dreams are made of...a lovely way to bring comfort to the end of a day.

There is always a time and a season for everything under the sun...this time, this season is one of thanksgiving. Enjoy it wholeheartedly, for it is a short season...but be thankful and full of thanksgiving, always. Make it a way of life.

Be blessed!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

What do you wash with?

Do you think you are using soap?

Check the label.
Chances are the word "soap"
will never grace the packaging!

It isn't "allowed".....
because it is not
real soap.

Most bars are labeled "bath"
or "beauty" bars.....
and most are synthetic petroleum based
(Care for a dip in an oil well?)

I often wondered why my skin felt like it was on fire after using commercial "soap". Petroleum based products clog the pores, besides being.....well, petroleum! Again, check your labels! Mineral oil, another petroleum by product, is in a lot of skin care products, especially lotions.
Skin is the body's largest organ so we should take special care of it - it will be with us for a lifetime. Thank God it is in a constant state of renewal, so all hope is never lost. We can all start catering to our skin today.

Another skin irritant used in many skin products is a detergent sudsing element called SLS or sodium laureth sulfate. This additive can be very drying to the skin.

Two other possible irritants in commercial "soap" are triethanolamine and propylene glycol. Triethanolamine is a frequent sensitizer used as a dispersing agent - also a detergent. Detergents strip the skin of moisture and its natural oils. Propylene glycol is now being replaced by safer glycols, so this is good for us how?

So what do I use?
Well... an all natural glycerin soap base.....
a vegetable oil based product (which can be labeled vegan) containing coconut oil, palm oil, castor seed and safflower seed oils.

These chief ingredients add significantly to the moisture enhancing characteristics of the glycerin soap itself, making the soap much kinder and nourishing to skin.

This is my starting healthy which I
add a variety of skin-pampering "goodies" to create many kinds of soaps (all good for you) for lots of different purposes.

The seeds exfoliate.

Oatmeal softens.

Many of the herbs and spices are naturally anti-bacterial,
antiseptic and
many other "anti's" while smelling good too!

Melon Medley
And the ones containing the actual fruit
puree or juice carry the benefits of all the vitamins and minerals as well. For instance, fruit contains high concentrations of vitamin C which clarifies and
tightens the skin.

And many contain more than one of these qualities because they are a combination of ingredients making them that much better to use!
with real purpose.....
check it out at Sonata Soap!

So there you have it......your lesson is done for today....
but the question still remains.....

.........what do YOU wash with?

P.S. Take a minute to scroll to the bottom of the page
and "sign" my guestbook..... just for grins and giggles!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Soap on Etsy

Hi all!
Again, apologies on being so remiss about this blogging thing...bear with me...I have been busy adding to my line-up on etsy (check it out to the left) along with opening two other "stores" all takes work and lots of time!

a deliciously fresh picked apple scent with skin softening oatmeal

I have also been working on some new recipes and new looks for some of my older recipes...a change is always good!
Harvest Apple Crisp is scented similar to Bath & Body Works Country Apple...I just love that scent and searched high and low for a fragrance similar to it and here it is! It smells so crisp and not too sweet...I just love it! The ""floating" oatmeal (which is a great skin softener) gives it a snappy visual appeal.

chai tea with cocoa added
makes good stuff...smell!

rooibus tea in a sweet smelling mauve


A unique "tea collection" of soaps. Each are in an all natural soap base and all contain tea which is rich in anti-oxidants and therefore, very good to your skin. The chai contains unsweetened cocoa which is rich with these as well. The tea leaves add a slight exfoliating action to the soap. Each of them are different in their own way and are scented differently. I have a green Matcha Tea Treat which contains green tea and a White Tea Ginger which contain delicate white tea leaves. Check out the links to etsy.

exfoliating poppy seeds in an intense sweet lemon slice of heaven

I also brought back a former bar that I had discontinued...but I was missing it so much that I couldn't resist having it make a come back. I love poppy seed muffins (but alas...they are fattening...) so this is the non-fattening version that can give you all the sensory scent pleasures without all the calories! The poppy seeds add the exfoliating feature to rid the skin of dry, dead skin cells. It is scented with a shortbread scent accented with three very lemon-y essential oils of litsea cubeba, lemon verbena and lemon. That's a lot of lemon in one place, for those of you who love lemon. Lemon, any citrus for that matter, is great for eliminating odors. So this makes a good deodorant shower bar or a great kitchen bar to aid in eliminating onion, garlic or fish from the hands. Either way, a pure delight to experience!

Check out the rest of my creations at ....some old some new. "Talk" to you blessed!