Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh bother!!!!

Said quote, I believe comes from the famous bear of Poohland. Today I will blog without batteries in the would think with a husband as a professional photographer that this could never happen...alas! I still haven't downloaded the photos from an Atlanta trip in February (the ones below came from my daughter's camera...which I like better than mine anyways...)

So...still doing lots of craft fairs...harvest bazaars, etc, etc, etc. Oh...and ETC. I try to do one at least every weekend and sometimes do even two. This is the busy season coming up...and I am having lots of practice prepping for it! [Yes...I am a BIG fan of ... (dot dot dot)] My wonderful husband has faithfully chaufeured me around to these events and helped me set up. One Saturday it was raining buckets and he went home to change three times from getting drenched helping me set up ( was an outside event). I am a proud owner of a 10x10 EZ up and learn (my market umbrella did NOT cut it that time!)

Oh yes...I had a couple weeks of Eeyore days when a bad shoulder froze up and became a full acute case of bursitis, tendonitis or some kind of itis...had to suffer for a few days waiting to get in to see an orthopedic doc to get a cortisone shot. I am much better now and can move as much as usual...though some days that's not much!

Just wanted to let you all know out there in blog land that all is well...and yes, all of the soap boxes. etc are STILL SITTING IN MY LIVING ROOM...waiting...ever so patiently waiting...for the next craft show event! Some things never change!

However, I am really glad - that my Heavenly Father NEVER changes! Although I am glad His mercies are new every morning! How 'bout you?

Be blessed...til next time...and do good!

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