Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The leaves are starting to turn here in good ole New favorite time of year! I love the smell of the crisp air, ripe apples, pumpkin pie! I realize apples are available year round but there is something special about going to the apple orchard in the fall and having the air "ripe" with the smell of apples!

And yes...I COULD make a pumpkin pie anytime...but I reserve it for this special time of the keep it special! (So don't rain on my parade!) Add to that...scuffling through the leaves like I did when I was a kid and sitting on my deck enjoying an aromatic fire... a season to be enjoyed. I just have to concentrate on its joys without anticipating the leafless trees and the cold, cold weather to come. However, I DO enjoy sweaters!

There are some soaps which will add to the fall season nicely...for instance, what fall is complete without cranberry? This contains cranberry juice with all its vitamin C skin tightening properites and the seeds act as an exfolliant.

And who doesn't enjoy all the myriad of breads that we make during this season? The fragrance of baked goods that comes from the oven warm the "cockles" of our hearts! And wouldn't you know it...the smell of banana nut bread CAN be enjoyed while showering!

Banana Nut Bonanza

And with that ...a delicious "fresh-brewed cup" of orange hazelnut coffee and cream....of course!

Hazelnut Coffee & Cream

For those cold days when you want to think "warm"...try one of the newly created "drink" soap far, there is a Cocoanutty Cocoa which is a coconut "flavored" cocoa which comes complete with cute miniature marshmallows...who has cocoa without them? A Holiday Cheer apple cider punch with ice cubes and a cinnamon stick...told ya I love apples! Or...guess what? a Rootbeer Float...smells like the real thing and is appropriately topped with a scoop of vanilla scented "ice cream"...and don't forget the straw!

Or you can just relax with a good book in front of a fire...or maybe you are one of the lucky ones with an all seasons room or a skylight where you can just look to the skies and ponder the vastness of the stars...and the goodness of our Creator. That in itself...could take quite a while.....

Vanilla Dreams

And don't forget vanilla - Vanilla Dreams - a wonderfully homey scent married with lavender..the things dreams are made of...a lovely way to bring comfort to the end of a day.

There is always a time and a season for everything under the sun...this time, this season is one of thanksgiving. Enjoy it wholeheartedly, for it is a short season...but be thankful and full of thanksgiving, always. Make it a way of life.

Be blessed!

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  1. The names for the soap are awesome....very yummy!