Thursday, September 23, 2010

FALL: A Season of Change!

Fall is fast approaching...the leaves will start turning, fall & crunch like crispy crackers under our feet. And the aroma! Of a tree settling in for its long-deserved rest...I love the smell of leaves, apples and pumpkin pie. And me, it is time to bring the bread maker out - yup, enjoy the fresh warm bread and sip the apple cider. Yum!

So, change is always inevitable. Some is good, some is bad and some is neither "here nor there" but necessary. For those who follow along in my etsy shop, I will be bringing some changes in the very near future. I will be down-sizing - the size of the bars and the prices! I really would like all who want to "spoil" themselves to be able to do so without "hurting"...let's just call it my way of helping you get a little enjoyment in life!

There will some new things too! Keep posted!

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